Designer Tailings

Designer Tailings

Connecting research efforts across ore characterisation, minerals processing and tailings rehabilitation sciences to minimise negative environmental consequences.

This project seeks to improve the management of tailings, through proactively engineering those physicogeochemical properties, as well as the chemistry and quantity of tailings water, during the course of ore body characterisation and mineral processing. This will be achieved through: the development of novel tailings management models; benchmarking the success of proactive initiatives; and identifying pathways for realistic re-use opportunities for valuable by-products in tailings streams.

The study will involve feeding data gathered on the biogeochemical processes in tailings storage facilities and immediate receiving environments, back into the design and activities of mineral processing plants and upstream ore characterization, to produce integrated value chain models.

The project aims to eliminate environmental and social legacies of future mine tailings by proactively engineering the physical, mineralogical and geochemical properties of tailings across the entire mining process, including initial ore characterization, mineral processing and rehabilitation.

Project Title: Designer Tailings
Research Leader: Dr Mansour Edraki
Collaborating Disciplines: Social ResponsibilityMineral ProcessingMining & GeologyEnvironmentSafety and Health, Water Management
Project Start Date: 1st January 2013
Project Completion Date: 30th June 2014