BRC Expertise

The BRC has two complimentary applied research programmes that draw upon expertise in geoscience, mine engineering, geostatistics and valuation and the support available from other SMI centres.

Total Deposit Knowledge

The main aim of the Total Deposit Knowledege program is to maximise the impact of geological information and understanding on the mining value chain, by developing tools and approaches to extend the ability of geological datasets to predict and model key mining and processing parameters, and to increase the effectiveness of in-mine and district exploration.


  • Maximise value of geological information at every stage in the extractive process.
  • Reduction of risk and cost.
  • Faster and more rigorous geological models which are designed to address exploration, mining and processing needs.
  • Effective characterisation of rock mass for mining.
  • Cost-effective deposit-scale mapping and exploration.
  • Better and more responsive tools and approaches for 3D modelling of mineralised environments at deposit to regional scale, aiding brownfield and greenfields exploration.
  • New and cheaper ways to extract ore, including in situ recovery.

The BRC is also the coordinating centre for Geometallurgy at the SMI

Projects within this program

Funding received for project to facilitate the scoping of the 4-year NW Queensland prospectivity program 

BRC project to compile and contextualise previous research and relevant exploration data for NW Queensland mineral province program 

Automated logging using high resolution drillcore XRF Data 

Microbial recovery of metal 

Projects related to tectonostratigraphic analysis 

Case studies of geometallurgical tools 

Total Deposit Knowledge

Program Leader

Richard Valenta

Program Team

Mark Hinman

Rhonda O'Sullivan

Paul Gow

Cathy Evans

Nathan Fox

Anita Parbhakar-Fox

Kate Tungpalan

Matthias Klawitter