Where BRC Works

BRC staff has extensive worldwide experience. Past projects have been carried out in Australia, Southeast Asia, Latin America, North America, Europe and Africa. Whilst its current portfolio of projects is more strongly focused in Australia, the centre is in the process of growing a stronger international presence.


In Australia, BRC works in mining areas such as Mt Isa, McArthur River, Pine Creek, Broken Hill, Tasmanides, Yilgarn, Yeneena Basin, Gawler Craton and Cloncurry. Projects in the country focus on reducing the time to production and innovation in deeper mining, and the application of Geoscientific data. is the BRC has recently completed a project aimed at reducing the risk of deep exploration for Cu-Au deposits in the Cloncurry region of NW Queensland.  Current projects in this area include a central role in the Queensland DNRM Northwest Mineral Province Discovery Program, as well as geometallurgical projects with industry sponsors.

Latin America

BRC has worked in mining areas in Latin America including: Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia. The centre has strong ties with the area through industry partners such as Codelco in Chile and several PhD students that come from the area.

North America

BRC has worked in mining areas in North America including: Canada, USA and Mexico. In addition, BRC has many research partners.


BRC works in partnership with Boliden in Sweden, and is currently pursuing further opportunities.


BRC has worked in Turkey, Mongolia and the Philippines, focusing on exploration and geometallurgical activities.


BRC staff have worked in Namibia, Madagascar and Zambia focused on exploration and development-related projects.