Learn with SMI-CMLR

Postgraduate research is a core component and strength of the SMI-CMLR, with Masters and PhD scholars from all around the world undertaking projects across the breadth of disciplines, commodities, waste streams and sciences. Each research project is uniquely designed and provides students with maximum opportunities to engage with industry and address real world challenges.

SMI-CMLR provides opportunities for students wanting to enrol in an Honours, Masters or PhD program. The research topics available address current industry questions across multiple fields and, under the guidance of our academic researchers, students are able to make significant contributions to sustainability in mining. 

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Topics currently available for postgraduate research projects:

Ecosystem Assessment, Restoration and Resilience

For further information, please contact Associate Professor Peter Erskine

Industrial Ecology & Circular Economy

  • The role of primary mining in the future circular economy
  • LCA in mining and mined land rehabilitation
  • Technical, economic and environmental challenges in processing complex ore bodies
  • Reuse and reprocessing of mine waste
  • Minimising environmental footprint through progressive mined land rehabilitation
  • The role of mining in sustainable development of regions and communities
  • Strategies and solutions for managing and rehabilitating abandoned mines
  • Climate change, mining, and resources supply chains
  • Metals in urban waste and electronic waste
  • Circular economy in product design for longevity, reuse and recycling

For further information, please contact Associate Professor Glen Corder or Dr Artem Golev

Ecological Engineering of Mine Wastes (Soil-Plant Systems)

For further information, please contact Associate Professor Longbin Huang

Mine Closure and Sustainable Landforms

For further information, please contact TBA (position currently vacant)

Environment Geochemistry

For further information, please contact Dr Mansour Edraki

Contaminant Management in Mining

For further information, please contact Dr Barry Neil Noller