CMLR postgraduate research students currently enrolled in a PhD or MPhil (and thesis title):

  • Miguel Alvarado Molina
    Using remote sensors to monitor atmospheric contamination in the extraction industry
  • Tsz Ho Chiu
    Microbial communities and functions in the interfaces of geo-minerals-organic matter-roots
  • Tamar Cohen
    Re-imagining mined land: relating cultural and ecological criteria for the successful rehabilitation of mined land
  • Maria Dumlao
    Eco-efficiency analysis of circular economy around metals in e-wastes
  • Bevan Emmerton
    Bowen Basin Coal Mine spoil classification for improved mine rehabilitation outcomes
  • Vidiro Gei
    Elemental fingerprinting of the New Caledonian flora
  • Melinda Hilton
    Prediction of long-term salt generation from coal spoils
  • Amelia Hine
    Earthworks - envisioning innovative design solutions for the post mining landscape
  • Eleonore Lebre
    Identifying the critical non-technical and technical pathways for enhancing the uptake of complex materials and manufacturing recycling
  • Yunjia Liu
    Processes of arsenic transformation in copper tailings amended with organic matter and arsenic uptake by native plants
  • Phill McKenna
    Remote sensing tools to measure vegetation response of rehabilitation following fire: implications for long term rehabilitation resilience and mine closure
  • Philip Nti Nkrumah
    Soil amendments to improve biomass and nickel yield in tropical nickel "metal crops" used in phytominin
  • Adrian Paul
    Rhizosphere processes leading to nickel uptake by hyperaccumulator plants: shining light on the soil-root interface
  • Lachlan Robertson
    Rhizosphere adaptation of pioneer plant species to metal mine tailing-soil
  • Felipe Saavedra-Mella
    Rhizosphere mechanisms of native plant species in mine tailings with varying hydrogeochemical stability
  • Pieter Swart
    The development of a standardised process for the quantification of residual environmental risks and the proposed treatment thereof at mine closure and mine lease relinquishment
  • Maria Cristina Vegafria
    The development and implementation of geo-environmental assessment tools for abandoned mines
  • Zhenyu Wang
    Modelling the potential impacts of underground mining on agricultural landscapes


CMLR PhD research students with submitted theses under examination (and thesis title):

  • Jaclyn Chan
    Soil Organic Matter and Carbon Sequestration in Rehabilitated Mine Soils
  • Roberto Garcia Fragoso
    Natural attenuation strategies for arsenic bearing tailings in extreme wet and dry conditions
  • Ana Ocenar
    Phylogenetic patterns of foliar trace element accumulation in the ultramafic flora (Order Malpighiales) of Sabah, Malaysia