Since mid-2015, SMI-CMLR’s capabilities and expertise have been organised into three programs:

Ecosystem Assessment, Restoration and ResilienceEcosystem Assessment, Restoration and Resilience

Led by Peter Erskine

This program assesses the impacts of mining activities on flora and fauna; develops innovative approaches to restore ecosystem services and practices that encourage recolonisation by native species; and examines the resilience of ecosystems under specific disturbance regimes.

Ecological Engineering of Soil-Plant SystemsEcological Engineering of Soil-Plant Systems

Led by Longbin Huang

This program focuses on developing new technologies to rehabilitate metal mine tailings and other waste domains for much improved economic and ecological sustainability; cost-effective remediation of heavily contaminated land by industrial and mining/mineral processing activities; new knowledge on the biogeochemistry of engineered tailings-soil formation, ecophysiology of native plants and ecological linkages in soil-plant systems.

Life Cycles of Mines and MetalsLife Cycles of Mines and Metals

Led by Glen Corder

This program has a holistic and integrative focus on environmental impacts, social implications, technical innovations and economic factors along the metals value chain and over the life of a mining project or operation. It utilises a range of diverse research methodologies requiring multi-disciplinary and systematic thinking to tackle complex problems and provide industry-ready solutions that enhance the extractive resources industries’ contribution to sustainable development.



Examples of current and recent projects included in these Programs are listed and described in “What We Do”.