Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is Australia’s closest neighbour and is host to a growing number of large-scale mining and oil and gas projects. These resource extraction projects are set in geographically remote regions and in complex social landscapes. Large-scale resource extraction has the potential to contribute to local and national forms of development, and in some cases significant benefits have been derived from these projects. These projects also generate profound social, economic and environmental changes in the lives of local communities.

We employ a range of methodologies to examine the complex social issues that accompany large-scale resource extraction in PNG. Our work involves long-term research projects, applied research and consultancies, practical guidance, teaching, and training and capacity development programs. We undertake this work with local communities, companies, and government bodies.

Over the past decade our work has spanned

  • Resettlement (third party independent observation and monitoring, and development of resettlement action plans)  
  • Mine-induced in-migration
  • Free prior and informed consent
  • Agreements, governance, and analysis of benefits sharing arrangements
  • Social mapping
  • Human rights impact assessment
  • Social impact assessment
  • Gendered impacts of resource extraction
  • Cultural heritage
  • Landowner business development
  • Community relations and social performance leadership
  • Social risk assessment

Capacity Building

Between December 2014 and December 2017, The University of Queensland’s Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM) provided professional training and capacity building services to Papua New Guinea’s Mineral Resources Authority (MRA).

The purpose of this three-year program was to provide staff from the MRA’s Development Coordination Division (DCD) with leading practice community relations skills and knowledge that would enable them to more effectively perform their regulatory role. This role includes, among other things, ensuring that mineral developments comply with the laws of Papua New Guinea (PNG) and that the benefits from these projects are distributed transparently and fairly to project stakeholders.

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