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Professional Development


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Frontline community relations and social performance practitioners in the mining sector have few opportunities for professional development. There is a need to build capacity and examine practice in the field. The mining industry must invest in the development of practitioners and managers who work on-site and in the field, as well as other leaders and executives who enable this work.

CSRM offers a range of training options to build industry capacity. We offer a series of standard “foundation” courses, specialised Master Classes and tailored training to meet specific needs. We also work with community groups to build their capacity to engage large-scale mining companies.

CSRM specialises in facilitating workshop processes that enable teams to develop new knowledge, explore innovative concepts and practices, and to unpack complex sustainability scenarios.

The CSRM team excels at incorporating existing practice challenges into applied learning and professional development. Workshops can be configured around optimising existing design solutions or exploring systems improvements using problem-based learning and can be focused at enhancing individual skills or building function or organisational level capabilities. Workshop objectives can be tailored to individual circumstances and can be facilitated on campus at The University of Queensland, at a corporate office, or on-site with social performance teams.