Postgraduate research students currently enrolled in a PhD or MPhil (and project title):

Our Current HDR Students are:

Name Project
Raphael Akesseh

Geochemical and hydrological study of mine tailings & capping design strategy for proposed tailing facility system closure

Gemma Bloomfield Recharge estimation in the Surat Basin
Nena Bulovic A changing water cycle in an agricultural and coal seam gas basin
Melinda Hilton Prediction of long-term salt generation from coal spoils
Karan Jian Salt crusting and its impact on water flow
Kristian Mandaran Mount Isa Mines closure: evaluation of final void water balance
Juan Sebastian Ossa Moreno Quantifying the value of water over project life cycles in a mining and agricultural region
Gabriel Pérez Murillo Modelling transport and transformation of mine tailings
Louisa Rochford Evaluating a national framework for groundwater use estimation in Australia
Meng Shirley Shi Rainfall extremes and adaptive mine water management in the Bowen Basin
Shahla Yavari