The Centre for Water in the Minerals Industry (CWiMI) is dedicated to strong interaction with the minerals industry and governments. As such, we have developed the following tools to fully capitalise on the benefits of our research into sustainable mine water management and practices.

For any enquiries about any of these tools, please email Sue Vink


WaterMiner is a web-based tool that tracks the movement of water into, around and out of mine sites. Mine sites provide WaterMiner with a snapshot of their water system detailing where water is stored and used on site as well as its off-site source and destination. Based on this information, WaterMiner calculates, for a given time period, how much water mine sites use, re-use and recycle as well as how storage volumes change with altering climate conditions. These calculations are then used by mine site management to make strategic water management decisions.


The Water Value Tool captures and displays the risks and opportunities associated with mine sites water management practices. By using this tool mine sites can identity and quantify the effect that their water management practices have on their financial, environmental and social operations.

Cumulative Impacts Assessment Tool

The Cumulative Impacts Assessment Tool captures and displays the groundwater risks and opportunities associated adding an new project to an existing mined region.