What SMI-CWiMI Does

The water related challenges that the mining and gas industries face span operational, social and environmental considerations. SMI-CWiMI’s research falls within two groups to address these considerations. The Regional Water & Land Resources Group (Professor Neil McIntyre) has two main Areas of activity: 1). Mine Site Hydrology & Water Balance aims to optimise the management of water during mine operations and over planning time-scales; 2). Regional Water Resources covers the knowledge and tools needed to quantify the risks and opportunities that mine projects create for regional water users, including the links between water and economic and ecological systems. The Water Management & Accounting Group (Sue Vink) provides pragmatic solutions to the multifaceted issues associated with water management in the resource sector. The group conducts multidisciplinary research, builds knowledge and develops tools and frameworks required to tackle the integrated water management issues of industry; and develop innovative systems to better communicate science and bring together disparate datasets that can be explored in publically accessible forms.

Postgraduate research students currently enrolled in a PhD or MPhil (and project title):

Our Current HDR Students are:

Name Project
Raphael Akesseh

Geochemical and hydrological study of mine tailings & capping design strategy for proposed tailing facility system closure

Gemma Bloomfield Recharge estimation in the Surat Basin
Nena Bulovic A changing water cycle in an agricultural and coal seam gas basin
Melinda Hilton Prediction of long-term salt generation from coal spoils
Karan Jian Salt crusting and its impact on water flow
Kristian Mandaran Mount Isa Mines closure: evaluation of final void water balance
Juan Sebastian Ossa Moreno Quantifying the value of water over project life cycles in a mining and agricultural region
Gabriel Pérez Murillo Modelling transport and transformation of mine tailings
Louisa Rochford Evaluating a national framework for groundwater use estimation in Australia
Meng Shirley Shi Rainfall extremes and adaptive mine water management in the Bowen Basin
Shahla Yavari