Introduction to Human Factors and Human-Centred Design in Mining

Cost: $3,200 (excluding GST)
Delivery: In person
Duration: 4 days
This course provides a broad introduction to the field of human factors. It focuses on applications in the mining industry, and their potential benefits for safety and productivity. Experienced human factors researchers and practitioners within MISHC facilitate the training.
Participant Profile
The course is suitable for people working in the mining industry or regulatory authorities. It is targeted at individuals who are not human factors specialists, but whose work involves one or more of the following:
  • supervising , managing or overseeing workers involved in hazardous operations
  • identifying or addressing workplace hazards
  • investigating workplace incidents
  • providing safety advice
  • involvement in equipment procurement processes
What you will learn
The course will equip participants to:
  • understand key human factors considerations relevant to the design, operation and maintenance of mining equipment, and their implications for safety and productivity
  • appreciate the contribution that human-centred design can make at all stages of the equipment life cycle, from procurement through to disposal
  • identify potential human factors issues in the workplace that may warrant investigation or escalation
  • participate effectively in human-centred design activities
  • make better procurement decisions by considering the right issues and asking suppliers the right questions
  • understand the human aspects of automation
Course Delivery
Introduction to Human Factors and Human-Centred Design in Mining comprises a 4-day intensive course plus additional independent work towards assessment items.
The course content is presented as a series of seminars. Participants will be required to complete two assessment items to demonstrate adequate understanding of the course material.
  • The first assessment item is a multiple-choice quiz to be held on Day 4. During the course, it will be necessary to undertake independent study in the evenings to prepare for the quiz, which will be based on material from Days 1 to 3.
  • The second assessment item is an assignment in which participants apply learnings from the course to analyse the integration of human factors in their own organisation. This will require approximately 20 hours of independent work over the four weeks following the seminars.

Please note that a minimum of 10 enrolments are required for this course to go ahead on the specified date.

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