Governance for Mining and Resources Leaders

Building the capability of leaders in the mining and resources sector to meet environmental, health, safety and social performance obligations and expectations in an increasingly complex world

The Governance for Mining and Resources Leaders Course is specifically designed for site and corporate line managers in the Queensland resources sector. This is not a course for ESG specialists. Rather it is a course that aims to better equip leaders to respond effectively to the ESG obligations and expectations across the areas of:

  • Environmental management
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Social Performance

The Governance for Mining and Resources Leaders Online Course will explain how governance of ESG applies to line management roles. It will also provide leaders with approaches and tools they can use to ensure that their governance of environmental management, health, safety, and social performance, is sound.

The Course begins with 6 online modules, each one will take approximately 2–3 hours to complete. Modules will be released progressively every week.

This will be followed by a short scenario based online session where participants will have the chance to put their understanding of governance to the test. The final stage of the course will be an assessment task.

By the end of the Course, leaders should have the information, skills and confidence to deal with even the most daunting governance challenges.


Shona Stevens
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