Community Relations at Exploration

Cost: $2000 AUD (excluding GST), Student: $800 AUD
Delivery: Online
Duration: An estimated 25 hours of work across 5 weeks (Participants work in their own time apart from four scheduled live webinars).
The Community Relations at Exploration course starting on 4 April 2022 has reached capacity, please contact Patricia Llort to join the waiting list or register your interest for a future course.

Participant Profile: Those involved in mineral exploration including geoscientists, community relations staff, consultants and early-stage regulators.

This on-line professional development program is designed to deepen conceptual understanding of the social issues and potential impacts of exploration activities on local communities.

The mineral exploration context is raising new challenges and expectations. As ‘first boots on the ground’, exploration teams are in a unique position. Participants will gain insights and initial tools and skills to enhance community relationships at this stage of the project lifecycle, and to build an accessible and useful knowledge base of social data, all crucial to future project development.

The course is structured in four modules, covering one module per week with a final week for completing the assignment. The program offers participants a range of exploration and community relations expertise via video and audio clips, interactive exercises and online discussion forums. Participants work through these materials in their own time. There are also four live webinars that are scheduled for each content module, where participants can interact directly with their peers and the CSRM teaching team.

There is a final assignment to apply the learnings and obtain a completion certificate.

What you will learn:

  • Apply layers of social data to build a community profile and social knowledge base.
  • Describe key steps and considerations in stakeholder mapping.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the skills and principles of dialogue.
  • Recognise potential impacts on and opportunities for communities associated with exploration projects.
  • Align data, community feedback and impacts and describe their interaction and suitable systems for exploration teams to record and respond to these.
  • Analyse and assess whether options for strategic investment are appropriate to various phases of exploration in various contexts and could contribute to shared value.

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Patricia Llort

Community Relations at Exploration

4 April 2022 12:00am21 May 2022 12:00pm
This course has reached capacity, please contact Patricia Llort to join the waiting list or register your interest for a future course