Process Control and Analytics - Basics

Cost: [all prices in AUD and exclude GST]
Online - $2,000 Standard, $1000 Students
In person - $2,500 Standard, $1250 Students
Delivery: Online, and in person options
Duration: 12 hours, over 4 days.

Free registration available for two students:  Open to Honours and HDR candidates. See program overview for submission information for each course.

Overview: This short course will cover process control basics, focusing on developing applied knowledge for mineral processing engineers. The short course is designed in four modules that can be tailored to the requirements and the level of knowledge of the participants. Module one focuses on the fundamentals and basic components of control systems. Module two focuses on tuning PID controllers and reviews applied methods common in the industry for tuning different control loops. Module three is an activity-based module for the participants to use Loop Pro simulation software and gain practical experience working with PID controllers and conducting tuning of PID controllers. Module four reviews common control strategies for different operating units in mineral processing plants, their pros and cons, as well as common problems observed in practice. Also, in this module, instrumentation and key factors in selecting instrumentation for process control will be discussed.

Target audience:  This course is aimed at both junior and senior metallurgists, and students, at various levels. The course will provide metallurgists and plant managers with a basic understanding of what process control is, and the key aspects of designing and operating process control loops, resulting in the ability to design and evaluate different process control systems actively.

A practical approach is taken when covering all the topics in this course, with real-life case studies and best practises. The prerequisites for attendees are engineering degrees and experience in metallurgical processes (comminution, flotation, dewatering, etc).

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