Metallurgical Sampling

Facilitators:  Cathy EvansLizette Verster
Cost: $2400 (exclusive of GST)
Days: 2, delivered online over 2 weeks, via a combination of flexible self-paced delivery and scheduled live sessions

Overview:  Representative sampling of particulate materials is an essential activity that occurs across various stages of the mine value chain and is crucial for decision making during process design, plant operation and process performance diagnosis. If done incorrectly, the results obtained from ‘bad’ sampling can have significant cost implications for mining operations. 

In this introduction to metallurgical sampling our experienced industry practitioners will guide you through presentations and practical examples that will provide you with the knowledge necessary to develop sampling protocols in line with best-practice sampling for your mineral processing operations as well as to recognise sampling problems and identify ways to address these issues. To accomplish this, the fundamental concepts underpinning the design of appropriate sampling protocols will be reviewed along with some practical exercises to cement the ideas presented.

The course is equivalent to a 2 day workshop and is delivered in a flexible online format, combining self-paced learning over a 2 week period via recorded presentations and scheduled interactive sessions via Zoom.

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