Cost: $450 (exlcuding GST)
Delivery: Online
Duration: 26 October - 9 November 2022

What can leaders do to create, and maintain, a psychologically well workplace?

How can leaders build mental resilience in their teams?

How can leaders foster workforce cohesion?

What does excellence in health hazard identification and control look like?

What health issues do leaders need to be particularly conscious of?

What emerging health challenges are on the horizon?

The Creating and Sustaining a Healthy Workplace Masterclass will share the latest research in these areas and provide tips, and tools for you to use at your sites.

The Masterclass has been developed in the light of research that shows leaders can have a profound, and positive, impact on both the mental, and the physical wellbeing of their workforce.

The Creating and Sustaining a Healthy Workplace Masterclass will be delivered by Professor Jolanda Jetten and Professor Alex Haslam from The University of Queensland’s School of Psychology, and Nikky La Branche, from the Sustainable Minerals Institute Minerals Industry Safety and Health Centre.

Online learning material comprising reading, quizzes and videos will be available from 25 October through to the day of the webinar on 9 November 2022.

About Health, Safety and Environmental Performance Masterclass Series

Designed to provide leaders in the mining industry with up to date, evidence based, advice on additional steps they can take to improve outcomes in mine site health, safety, and environmental performance.

Each Masterclass will consist of approximately 3 hours of online learning - including a webinar hosted by an expert panel from across The University of Queensland.  
As well as sharing latest research and providing practical guidance, the panel will be available to answer your questions about the specific challenges you face in your workplace.  

The Masterclass Series will be of interest to mine site leaders working across all areas and at all stages of their careers. They can be taken as individual courses; or combined to complete the full Series.
  • Masterclass 1: Creating and Sustaining a Healthy Workplace – available 26 October – 9 November 2022
  • Masterclass 2: Achieving Environmental Effectiveness – available 22 November – 1 December 2022
  • Masterclass 3: Safety (title to be confirmed) – coming early in 2023
The Series has been developed by Susan Johnston, who leads the Governance and Leadership Program at the University’s Sustainable Minerals Institute. Susan works closely with industry focusing on mining industry governance, the psychology of leadership, and the organisational hallmarks of high reliability.

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