Postponed due to current travel restrictions

Facilitators: Sarah Mackenzie (lead), Jo-Anne Everingham

Days: 3

This Masterclass will focus on the critical exploration phase, and aims to deepen conceptual understanding of the issues and potential impacts of exploration activities on local communities. It will provide participants with initial tools and skills to enhance social performance at this stage of the project lifecycle, and to build an accessible and useful knowledge base of social data.

About Social Performance in the Resources Sector

The team in the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM) offers a range of professional development options to build industry capacity. We deliver a series of “foundation” courses, specialised Master Classes and tailored training to meet specific stakeholder needs. We also work with community groups to build their capacity to engage large-scale mining companies.

Developed in response to demand for more modular, intensive workshops and flexible online options, our courses offer those working in the mining and social performance field the opportunity to learn alongside peers in the sector and to hear from experts in the field. The 2020 calendar covers critical aspects of social performance in the resources sector.

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