Facilitators: Anita Parbhakar-Fox, Nathan Fox

Cost: $3200 (exclusive of GST)

Days: 3

This workshop is designed for industry geoscientists, geometallurgists, environmental professionals, PhD and masters students who wish to learn more about waste characterisation technologies and how they can be best applied to classify and domain ore and waste materials with the goal of improved metallurgical performance and environmental management. Presentations will be supported by focused practicals to enable hands-on learning.

About Geology, mining and metallurgy courses

The team in SMI's Production Centres (JKMRC and BRC) offers a range of professional development options to build industry capacity. We are offering these courses to address key and ongoing development needs identified through our collaborative research. In addition to these open courses, we are always amenable to developing tailor-made in-house courses for our industry partners.

These short courses are designed to give attendees the opportunity to undertake professional development in a modular and intensive format which fits more easily with the demands of a modern industry professional. They also provide an opportunity for interaction with like-minded practitioners from other organisations. 


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