Facilitators: Mohsen Yahyaei, Francisco Reyes

Cost: $4000 (exclusive of GST)

Days: 4

The workshop will cover from basics to advanced process control, focusing on developing applied knowledge for mineral processing engineers. The workshop is designed in five modules that can be tailored to the need and the level of knowledge of the participants. Module one focuses on the fundamentals and basic components of control systems. Module two reviews instrumentations that are common in mineral processing plants and their common issues observed in practice. Module two also teaches tools and techniques for analysing and assessing processing problems from the automation point of view. Module three reviews common control strategies for different operating units in mineral processing plants and their pros and cons, as well as common problems in control strategies observed in practice. Module four presents concepts of advanced process optimisation control, the process of developing soft sensors, use of model identification tools and steps of developing model informed process control. Module five focus on supervisory control and the different approaches in the industry to implement them. This module also presents a framework on assessing technology maturity for implementation of supervisory control. All modules include activities to assist participants to learn the concepts through practice and experience.

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