About Understanding mining through simulation – SiMine simulation course

Registrations opening soon
Cost: $2,000 (excluding GST), student rate - $400 (excluding GST)
Delivery: Online
Duration: 2 days, 4 hours per day

SiMINE is an interactive, experiential mining and processing game that creates a “true to life” experience of the financial, physical and interpersonal dynamics in managing a mining value chain. The game has been designed to simulate raw materials extraction, transport, material processing, inventory management, product assembly, order fulfilment, distribution to customers and supporting functions.

This two-day workshop is designed for anyone who is interested in developing a better understanding of the complex dynamics of a mining operation.  The course is open to attendees from technical and non-technical disciplines, and learning will be via the innovative SiMINE physical mining simulation, which will allow participants build their Systems Thinking capacity in a mining context.

Topic: Navigating system complexity

What you will learn:

  • System dynamics, flow, variability & constraints
  • How to manage system dynamics, value stream view, flow & constraints