About Introduction to Geometallurgy

Facilitators: Cathy Evans
Cost: AUD $1,200 (exclusive of GST)
Delivery:  Online
Duration: Equivalent to a 1 day workshop delivered as a self-paced, online course, with content available for a two week period

This online course introduces participants to the concept of geometallurgy and highlights the value of orebody knowledge in viewing mining operations as integrated systems.

Key aspects of geometallurgy are introduced in the course, including:

  • Geometallurgy in industry
  • Practical geometallurgy – strategies for sampling a deposit
  • Orebody knowledge – analytical techniques from macro to micro
  • Small-scale tests to characterise process response in geomet programs

At the conclusion of this course, participants will understand the concepts which underpin geometallurgical programs and recognise the value of orebody knowledge in planning and operating mining operations as integrated systems. Course participants will become familiar with the range of tools and techniques commonly deployed to characterise ore samples in geometallurgical programs in industry.

Target audience:

The course is designed to introduce mining industry professionals such as mine geologists, mining engineers and mineral processing engineers to the concepts in geometallurgy.

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