24 September 2018 Northwest Mineral Province New Discovery Program Workshop

52 attendees representing 14 companies actively exploring in the Northwest Mineral Province attended the workshop

The New Discovery Program, part of the 4-year Strategic Resources Exploration Program (SREP) of Queensland Government, aims to facilitate discovery of new significant mineral deposits in northwest Queensland.

Since its commencement in July 2017, the Geological Survey of Queensland, in strategic collaborative partnerships with the Sustainable Minerals Institute at The University of Queensland, CSIRO, University of Tasmania and James Cook University, have initiated 14 data acquisition and research projects. This workshop informed industry participants about the progress and plans of the New Discovery Program. It was also an open invitation to provide feedback and contribute to program planning and implementation over the next three years.

The New Discovery Program aims to produce outcomes of direct relevance to exploration in northwest Queensland. Many of its components depend on close collaboration with industry. We welcome your support in developing a collaborative framework for future industry success.


Presentations and pdf downloads

Overview of the New Discovery prgram GSQ Tony Knight / Vladimir Lisitsin
Geophysical data acquisition program GSQ Matthew Greenwood
Geochemical toolkit and hydrogeochemistry GSQ Joseph Tang
Geoscience Compilation for the NWQ Mineral Province UQ/SMI Rick Valenta
JCU/EGRU New Discovery Program Activities JCU/EGRU Ioan Sanislav
Mary Kathleen Belt Metal Fertility UQ/KDC Consulting Ken Collerson
NW Queensland SEEBASE Study Frogtech Karen Connors
GA Exploring for the Future - NW Mineral Province update Geoscience Australia Richard Blewett
Mineral Geochemistry Vectoring - Distal footprints of NWQ mineral systems CODES Jeff Steadman
Cloncurry mineral system database CSIRO James Austin
Deposit Atlas of Northwest Queensland UQ/SMI Rick Valenta