Not for profit partnerships

SMI has a unique inter-disciplinary approach including expertise in engineering, science and the social sciences. 

Our expertise which comes from experience across the research, government and industry sectors is genuinely independent and objective.

Our work covers all facets of the life of mine from geology, to minerals extraction, water management issues, minerals processing, workplace health and safety, mine rehabilitation, energy and community engagement.

Our projects focus on strategies and practical processes for sustainability. We have a team focusing on technologies for reducing energy in the most energy consuming areas of mining; we have a team dedicated to minimising impacts of water extraction, use and release; a team for efficient blasting and approaches to ore sorting. 

Our community relations specialists have produced industry benchmarks and guidelines for productive relations with indigenous communities and local employment strategies amongst a host of applications. 

Research Centres

The Sustainable Minerals Institute is made up of six inter-disciplinary centres and an international centre of excellence. Each centre works in developing and applying the principles of sustainable development to the resources industry.