Researcher biography

Kristy Guerin obtained a BSc with 1st Class Honours in Geology, at The University of Queensland (2016) and was conferred a PhD from the Queensland University of Technology.

Kristy's research focus was investigating the impact of wildfire on regolith mineralogy and trace element cycles. She applied a number of geochemical and mineralogical techniques to help identify palaeowildfire signatures in the geological record.

Professionally, Kristy worked as an Exploration Geologist at the Jervois Base Metal Project in the Northern Territory (2017).

Currently, Kristy is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the W.H. Bryan Mining Geology Research Centre (BRC) with the Mine Waste Transformation through Characterisation (MIWATCH) group. She is involved in a project on secondary prospectivity of critical metals in mine waste with a focus on sites in NSW.