Dr Duc Ngo-Cong is a research professional with over 10 years of experience in computational mechanics, CFD, modelling and simulations of industrial flows.

Duc completed a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, specialising in Computational Mechanics at the University of Southern Queensland in 2012. He has worked on multi-disciplinary projects in the areas of aeronautical, mechanical, agricultural, and minerals engineering. His expertise includes mineral flotation, turbulence, multiphase flows, bubble-particle interactions, fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, surface and subsurface flows, and industrial applications of numerical methods.

Duc first developed his expertise in flotation when working on an ARC-DP project titled “Surface characteristics and hydrodynamics in detachment of coarse particles” (2017-2019). During this project, he derived theoretical models based on isotropic turbulence and statistical theories to quantify the bubble-particle collision and detachment in flotation, involving multiphase (solid particles, air bubbles, and water), multiscale (particles of micrometre size, bubbles of millimetre size and water of continuum scale) and turbulence phenomena.

Duc's current research focuses on computational and experimental modelling of turbulent-multiphase-multiscale flows in flotation cells, to improve the flotation performance through the design and operating conditions of flotation cells.