Thomas Ray Jones completed his BA/BSc (Hons) in Archaeology and Geology at The University of Queensland in 2017 - before undertaking a PhD with the Vale-UQ Geomicrobiology laboratory.

During his PhD, Thomas looked at the potential for diamond mines to sequester atmospheric CO2 via microbially induced mineral carbonation in an effort to off-set mine emissions. Using historically mine kimberlites throughout South Africa as carbonation analogues, Thomas initiated lab – pilot scale studies in Australia and South Africa, revealing the significant role microbially induced carbonate may play in future mining/remediation practices. This work was done as part of the CarbonVault™ project via De Beers Group.

Thomas has worked previously on targeted bio-extraction (a more focused method of bioleaching), primarily looking at a movement of REEs (apatite hosted) and PGEs (Merensky Reef).

Currently, Thomas is a research officer at the W.H. Bryan Mining and Geology Research Centre (BRC) with the Mine Waste Transformation through Characterisation (MIWATCH) group.