Promoting and facilitating extended use of geoscientific data in all aspects of metalliferous resource management, from exploration and delineation through to mining and mineral processing.

Travis has worked on the following research projects at the WH Bryan Mining and Geology Research Centre (UQ):

  • Geology and Mass Mining (GMM) from May 2013 to Dec. 2014, as Consultant and then Industry Fellow; and
  • Deep Mining Queensland (DMQ) from Feb. 2015 to May 2017, as Senior Research Fellow (CI of the DMQ project).
  • Mt Isa Copper Operations - Reactive Pyrite Project from July 2017 to present, as Senior Research Fellow (Project Lead).

Ongoing consulting work through JKTech provides geological and spatial context to metallurgical testwork data and assumptions through exploring geometallurgical relationships. This work provides access to one of the largest undeveloped copper-gold deposits in SE Asia, and outcomes of this work have the potential to directly inform Feasibility results/findings.

Travis has over 22 years experience in metalliferous geology; incorporating exploration, mining and research functions. Experience has been attained in a variety of deposit styles and commodities including: Au, Cu-Au, Cu, Zn-Pb-Ag, Ni, Sn-W, and Fe.

Travis has proven experience in designing and executing exploration programmes and co-ordinating exploration teams to achieve safe, efficient, and successful outcomes. Having previously held positions as Principal Geologist with Newcrest Ltd, Exploration Manager with Tamar Gold and Bass Metals Ltd, Senior Geologist with Venture Minerals Ltd and BHPBilliton; he is skilled at advanced evaluation of Au and base metal deposits including geological databases, geological modelling and controls on mineralisation, feasibility studies; and has production experience through roles in underground gold mines in the Kalgoorlie and Kambalda districts of WA, with WMC Ltd and North Ltd/DeltaGold Ltd.

Travis attained his PhD from James Cook University in 2004 through which he analyzed the structural and stratigraphic controls on the George Fisher Zn-Pb-Ag deposit in the Mt Isa district, resulting in enhanced understanding of the positioning of the ore-deposit within the gross geological architecture, and detailed textural and timing analysis of the various textural types encountered in the ore-bodies. The findings of this work are being purposefully applied at George Fisher Mine whereby structural observations documented are now informing resource estimation parameters. The study was sponsored by MIM/Xstrata Zinc.


Considerable exploration and mining experience in a variety of commodities and geological terranes. 

Key Publications

Murphy, T.; Pratt, A.; Hinman, M.; Donohue, J.; Pirlo, M.; & Valenta, R. 2017. Augmenting Prospectivity Analysis with Mining Criteria: A Test for Viability. In: Proceedings of FUTORESII, Townsville, Australia. June 2017.

Murphy, Travis, Webster, Tony and Chitombo, Gideon (2016). Beyond rock-mass characterisation: the impact of geology on block-caving. In: Seventh International Conference & Exhibition on Mass Mining (MassMin) 2016. Seventh International Conference & Exhibition on Mass Mining (MassMin 2016), Sydney, Australia, (861-871). 7-11 May 2016. 

Hinman, Mark; Murphy, Travis; Pirlo, Mark; and Donohue, John (2016). New insights into the architectural development of the southern Cloncurry IOCG terrain - controls and timing of mineralization. In: IOCG and Other Mineral Systems in the World-Class Cloncurry District: New Advances in Exploration and Deposit Understanding, Cloncurry, QLD, Australia, (). 16-18 March 2016.

Murphy, T., Pratt, A., Hinman, M., Donohue, J., Pirlo, M. and Jones, M. (2016). Exploring deeper: What are you looking for? What do you need to find?. In: Queensland Geological Record 2016/06. Digging Deeper (2016), Brisbane, Australia, (). 19 August 2016.

Webster, Tony and Murphy, Travis (2016). A structured Approach to Geoscientific Data Collection, Interpretation and Modelling for Cave Mining. In: Workshop on Managing Geo-Hazards in Cave Mining.. In: MassMin 2016, Sydney , Australia, (). 8 May, 2016.

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