Ben McLellan is Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto University (Japan) where he is teaching postgraduate students in the International Energy Science Course. Before arriving at Kyoto, Ben worked at CSRM as a post-doctoral researcher and research fellow (2006-2010), mainly focused on projects for the Centre for Sustainable Resource Processing – particularly SUSOP® (Sustainable Operations). He has a PhD (Chemical Engineering) and BE (Chemical Engineering Hons I) / BA (Spanish) from The University of Queensland. His PhD was focused on improved techniques for localisation of sustainability indicators for hydrogen energy systems.

With regards to research, Ben’s work covers a wide range of areas – including energy, sustainable development, design, sustainability indicators, environmental impact, energy policy, low-carbon technologies, materials and minerals.  

Currently, he is focused on Rare Earth Elements, participatory design of energy systems, and non-conventional mineral and energy resources. He is also liaising with Japanese technology developers and academics in relation to the UQ Rare Earths Consortium.

Apart from his role at Kyoto University, he is co-Chief Editor of the International Journal of Sustainable Futures for Human Security (J-SUSTAIN) and on the international editorial board of the International Electronic Journal of Nuclear Safety and Simulation.