Estelle Levin is founder of Estelle Levin Limited, a specialist consultancy dedicated to responsible mining and sourcing, and co-founder of the ASM-PACE programme, designed to help manage the conservation / development trade-off posed by artisanal and small-scale mining in protected areas and critical ecosystems. 

Estelle has over a decade of experience working in supply chain sustainability and natural resources governance for a wide range of business and international development clients involved with the minerals, jewellery and electronics supply chains. Estelle’s specialism is production and supply of minerals derived from artisanal and small-scale sources and especially in fragile states. An Africanist with global experience, Estelle has played a key role in developing, evaluating, and integrating into corporate management systems and mineral sectors over twenty standards and certification initiatives for responsible mining and sourcing from ASM and conflict-affected and high-risk areas. 

Estelle is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council’s Standards Committee and has occupied a variety of voluntary roles in multi-stakeholder initiatives seeking to advance systems and tools for responsible mining and sourcing. 

Estelle has a mixed physical and social science education that brings much to her work at the human-environment interface in the world of natural resources management. A natural analyst, systems thinker, and strategist, she has a Masters degree with Honours in Human Geography from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, and a Geography Masters from the University of British Columbia in Canada, where she specialised in the theory and praxis of Sustainability in natural resources management and regional development. Ms. Levin can work in English, French and Spanish.