Naomi is a PhD Candidate in CSRM. Her research project investigates the relationship between science, innovation and political decision-making in contentious policy arenas. Naomi has used the unconventional gas debate in Australia as a case study to explore how organisations providing science and research for decision-making manage the boundaries between fields of interests including policy-makers, companies, community and civil society stakeholders.  The results of this study will inform how organisations and institutions providing policy-facing science and research think about governance structures and processes to enhance the democratic legitimacy, social responsibility and credibility of knowledge outputs. This has particular salience for contentious policy arenas in which science is called upon to inform political decision-making.

Prior to her PhD, Naomi worked at CSRM on a number of research projects including Indigenous employability within the resource sector for Rio Tinto and managed a project investigating Research Integrity, Ethics and Governance for the UQ Centre for Coal Seam Gas.  Naomi holds both Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Masters degrees in Anthropology from the University of Melbourne and a Graduate Certificate in Governance and Public Policy from the University of Queensland. She has contributed to a number of government research reports in areas such as social policy and multiculturalism and has been a Full Fellow of the Australian Anthropological Society since 2008. She is also a Member of the UQ Global Change Institute College of Experts and the Harvard Science and Democracy Network.