Camilla specializes in strategic water resource management for mine and coal seam gas development

Camilla West has twelve years’ experience in water resource management for mining and coal seam gas development. Camilla specialises in strategic water management planning, integrated project risk management, groundwater and surface water impact assessment and the development and implementation of water monitoring and management plans. Camilla has extensive national and international experience, having worked in remote mine environments of far North Queensland, Fiji and the Philippines. Camilla recently completed a PhD with the Advanced Water Management Centre at The University of Queensland, Australia. Her research focussed on improved project risk management practices for water infrastructure investment, with the overarching aim to support the long-term viability of innovative and alternative water services in the urban water sector.


Camilla co-leads a project for UQ’s Centre for Coal Seam Gas which aims to develop an improved understanding of surface water-groundwater interaction and groundwater recharge processes in the Surat Basin. Camilla was a co-author of the Water in Mining - Industry Capability Report for the Australian Government and conducts regulatory reviews for the Queensland Government.

Key Publications

West, C., Kenway, S., Hassall, M. and Yuan, Z. (2016) Why do residential recycled water schemes fail? A comprehensive review of risk factors and impact on objectives, Water Research 102, 271-281.

West, C., Kenway, S., Hassall, M. and Yuan, Z. (2017) Expert opinion on risks to the long-term viability of residential recycled water schemes: An Australian study, Water Research 120, 133-145.