Dr Marcin Ziemski holds degrees in Systems Engineering and IT as well as a PhD in minerals processing from the JKMRC.

He has a broad background in technology, software, energy, process integration and minerals processing. He has lectured at UQ’s department of Mining and Minerals Process Engineering, spent time at JKTech as a mine optimisation specialist, worked in energy trading and industrial energy management across the UK and Europe, and lead research in a variety of energy and emissions projects. This background, combine with his experience in leading manufacturing and 3D technologies at Dassault Systemes, has provided Marcin with expertise in mine-value chain analysis and optimisation, energy management in mining and technology evolution as it applies to the minerals industry. He re-joined JKMRC as Group Leader and formed Mine Energy Transformation and Integration (METI) team. In 2020 Marcin was appointed to Program Leader for the newly structured Mine Energy Transformation and Intergration group.

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management Tool