Dr John Herbohn is Professor of Tropical Forestry at the University of the Sunshine Coast and is the Director of the Tropical Forests and People Research Centre. He also holds honorary positions within the Sustainable Minerals Institute and School of Agriculture and Food Science at The University of Queensland.  His research is focused on reforestation and restoration of tropical areas and spans social, economic, biophysical and policy disciplines. 

A focal point of his research is on reforestation systems that improve livelihoods and food security of smallholders in developing countries.  His work involves transdisciplinary approaches in both research and on-ground reforestation and restoration efforts.  He is also an advocate of evidence-based policy and the need to engage with policy makers to advocate policy change.  In particular, his work has influenced forest policy in the Philippines, including a national tree nursery accreditation policy applied to the production of 1.5 billion seedlings as part of the National Greening Program.

His current research projects include “Enhancing livelihoods through Forest and Landscape Restoration (ACIAR Project ASEM/2016/103. Project Leader. $3,000,342)”; “Indigenous Employment, Forestry Livelihoods and Mining. Co-Chief Investigator. $1,800,000 (Advance Queensland, Greencoast Mining, USC, UQ)”; and “Enabling community forestry in Papua New Guinea (Co-chief Investigator, ACIAR Project FST/2016/153. $3,003,477)”.