Dr Alex Lechner is a landscape ecologist and Senior Lecturer at the Lincoln Centre for Water and Planetary Health at the University of Lincoln UK, and holds honorary posts at the University Nottingham Malaysia and University of Queensland. His research focuses on sustainability, conservation planning and assessing environmental impacts, commonly using spatial modelling. He conducts research to supports sustainable planning and participatory decision-making through the development of novel spatial approaches including ecosystem services modelling, big remote sensing data and participatory web-based GIS mapping. He has undertaken research across the world from Oceania to Southeast Asia, to Europe.

He has a successful track record of applying landscape ecology approaches to a broad range of cross-cutting areas including: 1) Impacts of fragmentation on wildlife connectivity and priorities for regional-scale conservation planning; 2) Threats to the environment from infrastructure development and resource extraction including linear transport infrastructure, agricultural expansion, urbanisation and mining; and 3) supporting socio-environmental change with interdisciplinary approaches to modelling and collaborating across environmental domains (e.g. terrestrial and aquatic) and disciplines. He has a particular interest in interdisciplinary research; applying systems thinking approaches to solving complex socio-environmental issues.

He is currently working on two major projects with SMI: 1. Life of mine assessment of socio-environmental footprints and implications for land use planning using remote sensing and 2. Modelling ecosystem services for planning in mining regions.

University of Lincoln staff profile and lab website leclab.wixsite.com.

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