Dr Xiaofang Li currently works with the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is now leading a multidisciplinary group dedicated to the development of novel biotechnology for soil heavy metal remediation.

Dr Xiaofang Li received his PhD in 2010 from Chinese Academy of Sciences. He joined the Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation in April 2010 and worked as a UQ Postdoctoral Research Fellow until Nov 2015. During that period he worked on the technical options for Pb-Zn phytoremediation, did a lot of experimental work on tailings physiochemical and biological properties, and contributed to the foundation of the pedogenesis-based framework for tailings phytostabilization.


Xiaofang Li, Rhizoremediation of cadmium contaminated farmland using low-Cd cultivars and microbial biosorbents, Hebei Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (D2018503005), 2018-2020

Xiaofang Li, Safe farming technology for cadmium contaminated farmland, Pioneer “Hundred Talents Program” of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Y726012203), 2017-2018

Xiaofang Li, Longbin Huang, Sue Vink, David Mulligan. UQ postdoctoral research fund “Biodiversity of microbial community structure in the continuum of tailings landscape”, 2012-2015

Xiaofang Li. UQ Early Career Researcher Fund “Are fungi pioneers in the colonization of microbial community in base metal mine tailings?”, 2012