Alfred is specialising in promoting selective ore breakage using various abrasion techniques to optimise Grade Engineering.

Alfred is embarking on the study of using the characteristics of surface breakage of ores as a new learning concept to increase the feed upgrade. Furthermore, the findings of the studies will be treated as an input to the next-gen VSI (Vertical Shaft Impactor).

Alfred is also interested in ore characterisation with access to a wide range of breakage possibilities as well as ways of characterising particle texture. Proofing some ore types, the outer layer of each particle may contain higher grade material than the inner core. Using the right techniques for particle texture characterisation will also be a key component of this project.

Alfred is known as someone who is goal orientated, tech-savvy and a highly organised individual with the spirit of excellence, creativity and an approachable manner. In work, Alfred takes on every task in a responsible manner. In his previous study, Alfred published a paper which introduces a pioneering use of the material point method (MPM) in a three-dimensional analysis of a field-scale landslide and was awarded “Excellence in Mine Safety 2016”. This is an award for the most outstanding undergraduate or postgraduate mining engineering thesis with a particular emphasis on aspects of mine safety. Additionally Alfred has been involved heavily with his local community by volunteering in multiple charity events which equipped him to be a team player with people from multiple cultural background.


Alfred engages with a variety of departments in a mining company. He has experienced working on the mine site in both the field (hands-on) and office over a two year period. Alfred's responsibilities included numerical modeling and design of slope, surveying, site investigation, assisting the geotechnical team by installing drill rig and mine equipment with minimal supervision, developing an on-site safety manual, designing a drill and blast in open pit operation in a challenging location and documentation of monitoring data. This required him to be fit and walk for hours on-site daily.

Key Publications

Septian, Alfred, Llano-Serna, Marcelo A., Ruest, Marc R. and Williams, David J. (2017). Three-dimensional kinematic analysis of Bingham canyon mine pit wall slides. In: 1st International Conference on the Material Point Method, MPM 2017. 1st International Conference on the Material Point Method, MPM 2017, Delft, Netherlands, (86-93). 10-13 January 2017. doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2017.01.030

Septian, Alfred (2016). Influence of geotechnical properties on the run-out process at Bingham canyon slope failure Honours Thesis, School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering, The University of Queensland. doi:10.14264/uql.2017.249