Arezu Alizadeh's research is in the field of mined land restoration

Arezu is PhD student of natural resources engineering in Sari Agricultural and Natural Resources University in Iran. Her PhD research is in the field of mined land restoration and her thesis is focused on studying phytoremediation and the vegetation-soil relationships on the Sungun Copper Mine in East Azerbaijan (Iran) that is a funded project by National Iranian Copper Industries Company (NICICO).She was awarded a visiting research scholarship from Iran Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (IMSRT) and joined CMLR to complete her research under supervision of Dr Antony van der Ent and Dr Mansour Edraki. In Addition she is collaborating in some hyperaccumulation experiments with CMLR.

Research Focus

Her research aims to identify tolerant pioneer plant species on mine waste dump and studying the relationship between plant species around mine area with environmental factors as implications for biodiversity conservation and restoration.

Key Publications

Reza Erfanzadeh, Moharam Ashrafzadeh, Seyed Hamzeh Hosseini Kahnuj, Arezu Alizadeh, 2014. Preference Value Evaluation of Rangeland Plant Species for Kaboudeh Sheep. Journal of Rangeland Science, 4(3): 195-202.

Ghasem Ali Dianati Tilaki, Arezu Alizadeh, Behnam Naserian Khiabani, 2015. Effect of Pre-Sowing irradiation of Bromus inermis (L.) Seeds on Germination, Growth and Some Biochemical Parameters. Range Management and Agroforestry, 36(2): 141-145.

Arezu Alizadeh, Javad Moetamedi, Reza Erfanzadeh, 2015. Potential of Four Halophytes from the Urmia Lack as Soli Phytodesalination. Iranian Journal of Range and Desert Research, 21(4): 663-675. In Persian

Javad Motamedi, Arezu Alizadeh, Azadeh Alemzadeh Gorji, 2015.Effect of Vegetation Patches as Microhabitat on Changing Soil Properties (Case Study: Saline Rangelands of Tez Kharab in Urmia). Journal of Range and Watershed Management (Iranian Journal of Natural Resources), 68(1): 149-158. In Persian

Arezu Alizadeh, Ghasem Ali Dianati Tilaki, Behnam Naserian Khiabani, 2015. Effect of Gamma Ray Treatment on Seed Germination Traits and Seedling Growth of Agropyron Elongatum and Bromus Tomentellus. The Plant Production (Scientific Journal of Agriculture), 73(4): 69-77. In Persian

Industry Engagement

Sungun Copper Mine effect on rangeland communities around mining area (NICICO). 2016-2018.


Arezu is member of Iranian Society of Range Management (IRANSRM). Also she collaborates with Urmia University (Iran) as master thesis adviser and Afagh Higher Education Institue (Iran) as Lecturer.