Hydrological Risk Assessment of Tailing Storage Facilities

Modelling transport and transformation of mine tailings

In recent years, it has been observed that risks associated with Tailing Storage Facilities (TSF) range from surface and underground water pollution to dam breaks and subsequent flooding and environmental damage. TSFs contain liquids (toxic, hazardous, or even radioactive) that pose risk to humans, the environment, and ecosystems. Chile has at least 740 TSFs, so there is a need to prioritise this infrastructure in terms of potential flood risk and water pollution risk using nationally applicable methods. The main objective of this project is to develop tools for a quantitative risk assessment considering the effects of climate change and climate variability at a national/regional scale.

Gabriel is a civil engineer, with emphasis on water resources, graduated in 2013 from Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia). After his undergrad, he obtained a Masters in sustainable management of water resources and hydroinformatics working as a Teaching Assistant (TA) at Universidad de los Andes (2013-2015). Gabriel commenced his research career in 2015 as a research assistant for the Environmental Engineering Research Centre (CIIA) at Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia). Gabriel has held research and teaching positions at Universidad de los Andes (2013-2015) and Universidad Católica de Colombia (2016) in the fields of hydrology and hydraulics. Gabriel’s research interests and backgrounds are water resources monitoring, hydrological modelling, hydrological design and climate analysis.


Gabriel has worked as a consultant for oil and gas (Occidental Petroleum Company-OxyCol) and mining (Gran Colombia Gold S.A) industries. His work has been focused on Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) for oilrigs in swamp environments (2015-2016) and water efficiency strategies for underground gold mining activities and ore beneficiation processes (2017). Gabriel has also worked as a consultant for environmental authorities (National Natural Parks Authority of Colombia) for the implementation of water distribution plans in watersheds with severe socio-environmental conflicts due to water scarcity (2017).

Key Publications

Assessment of Runoff Quantity And Quality For Extensive Green Roof Modular Systems. Gabriel Pérez Murillo, Pascual Ferrans Ramírez, Carlos Vicent, Rey, Oscar Vásquez, Mario Díaz-Granados Ortiz, Juan Pablo Rodríguez Sánchez, María Elsa Correal. NOVATECH international conference (2016).


Gabriel’s PhD is funded by UQ Graduate School (UQ Research Training Scholarship  2018-2022)


Professor Neil McIntyre & Dr Mansour Edraki