Research Focus: The measure of hydraulic parameters such as runoff and infiltration through a field work on the mined land.

Grégoire is working with Vinod Nath to use a hood infiltrometer and a simulator of rainfall. The measures made on the field will be used with RunCA (a software developed at the SMI) to extrapolate the results. The final purpose is to reduce the infiltration in order to minimise the interaction between the precipitation and the contaminated soil.

Grégoire is a French student from the National School of Environment, Geo Resources and Sustainable Development Engineering, Bordeaux, France; an engineering School geared towards sustainable development and earth sciences. He came to Australia in 2018 for four months to undertake an internship with CWiMi.

Environment is important for him and he became sensitive to this issue as he was growing up and through his personal experiences (entourage, conferences, and interview). Consequently, he has always tried to orient himself in that way during his studies.

Doing an internship at the SMI is a natural prolongation of his approach. He’s currently working on a project of mined land rehabilitation led by Associate Professor Thomas Baumgartl and in collaboration with Vinod Nath. The purpose of the project is to describe the behaviour of various rock’s coverage by understanding and estimating different hydraulic parameters through field trips.​


Associate Professor Thomas Baumgartl