Research Focus: Resource recovery and mechanistic modelling of mining, agri-business and domestic wastewater

Emma has a post-doctoral position with Kinetic Group Worldwide Pty Ltd and the Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation (CMLR), which has been enabled by an Advance Queensland Knowledge Transfer Partnership grant. Currently Emma works to develop technologies for the prevention and treatment of acid mine drainage. 

In 2017 Emma completed her PhD at the Advanced Water Management Centre (UQ) with her thesis titled Nutrient recovery from wastewater using electrodialysis. Emma has also tutored and lectured extensively in the School of Chemical Engineering, with most of her time spent as part of the leadership team of CHEE2010: Engineering Investigation & Statistical Analysis, for which she has been awarded a 2016 EAIT Citation for Excellence in Student Learning and an EAIT Most Effective Teacher award in 2015. Prior to her PhD, Emma worked for the Queensland Department of Energy and Water Supply as a graduate engineer after completing her Bachelor of Environmental Engineering (Hons I) at UQ.

Current Projects

Development of a novel electrochemical process for the remediation of acid mine drainage and targeted recovery of metals.

Engineered passivation of pyrite to reduce acid mine drainage formation.

Mechanistic physico-geo-chemical modelling to understand tailings seepage chemistry.