Research Focus: To understand which are environmental impacts of a coal mining area in Australia.

Projects: Applying an Arc-GIS based model to predict ecosystem services.

Under the supervision of Thomas Baumgartl, Céline is currently doing a laboratory internship at the Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation as part of her studies in France. In her 4th year of engineering curriculum at the National Applied Science Institute INSA of Lyon in France, she has specialised in the Energy and Environmental Engineering.

The aim of her research project is to study a given system using a mapping software called LUCI, based on an Arc-GIS model, in order to predict ecosystem services. The system that is studied is a coal mining area located in the Hunter Valley, Australia. Céline’s research will contribute to better understanding the environmental impacts of a coal mining area in Australia.

Céline completed her Bachelor of Science Degree with latin option in 2014 at the Lycée Hoche, Versailles, France. Before specializing in the Energy and Environmental Engineering, Céline started at the INSA of Lyon in an international unit in connection with Latin America.

Mobilized and dynamic, Céline has participated in international voluntary actions. In 2014, she did an ecological volunteering mission in South Africa to help the preservation of African Wild Dogs and Leopards with the Association named “Wildlife Act”. In 2015, as part of a humanitarian mission in Bolivia, she mentored disadvantaged youth in a poor neighbourhood in the city of El Alto.


Associate Professor Thomas Baumgartl