Resarch Focus: Water Evaporation from Mining Tailings

Joaquin is a chemical engineer student from The University of Concepcion, Chile, currently in the last stage of his degree, and a visiting research student at the CWiMI.

His research is the main component of his pre-grade thesis measurement and modelling of evaporation from tailings and the impact of saline pore water on evaporation rates.

Joaquin’s research is supported on the actual water demand of the mining sector, especially copper mining, which increases its demand every year due to ore-grade decreasing.

Techniques of water evaporation measurement as Scintillometry applied to tailings dams on site, and a subsequent evaporation model, are involved in his research.

Water retention curve and hydraulic conductivity test of tailings samples are also part of his research, and the results will be combined with evaporation measurement to a better understanding of evaporation in tailings.


Associate Professor Thomas Baumgartl