Mirko Salinitro is a visiting PhD Candidate from Earth Life and Environmental Science, University of Bologna

Project in collaboration with the University of Queensland:

Comparing tolerance and accumulation of Zn, Cd, Ni, Cr, Pb, Cu in two Caryophyllaceae (Polycarpaea spirostylis and Stellaria media)

Aims and objectives of the experiments:

  1. Investigate accumulation and tolerance levels of the six metals in the two species
  2. Ascertain if different Caryophyllaceae species present differences in the uptake, translocation and accumulation of heavy metals.
  3. Ascertain if different S. media populations originally growing and selected on different substrates, could present differences in the uptake and accumulation of heavy metals.

Research questions

What is the maximum concentration of each metal levels tolerated by the two species?

Are there differences in the uptake and tolerance of metals between the two species and between populations of the same species?


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PhD grant from the University of Bologna obtained in 2017


Mirko is reporting to Dr Antony van der Ent whilst at CMLR