Complex Systems Engineering, University Adolfo Ibañez, Santiago, Chile

Research Focus

Water Markets Simulation Using Multi-Agent Models and Fuzzy Rules. The focus of my research is to do economic studies of water markets as allocating mechanism and water policy. I am developing a simulation model that allows to response questions, such as: Are water markets an efficient water policy to assign water?  Do speculative behavior of some actors distort the objective as water policy?


Water markets are systems of non-linear behavior with heterogeneous agents that are developed in an environment where activities coexist, which interact with themselves, and with the environmental variables. Thus, water markets (perfect and imperfect) can be better modeled from the perspective of complex systems to represent their behavior and that of their actors through simulations obtained from an agent-based model to evaluate water policies on different scenarios.


My career history is beginning as researcher. My career have been in the industry, water mining in Chile. I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Engineering of Complex Systems (DISC, in Spanish), Faculty of Engineering and Sciences, Adolfo Ibáñez University, Santiago, Chile. DISC is a multidisciplinary program whose objective is to train researchers able to formulate, analyze and solve engineering problems relating to complex systems in which physical, social, biological and computational agents interact.


Professor Neil McIntyre