Australian Red Mud Dewatering and Reuse In Wastewater Treatment

Red mud is a common solid waste or by-product produced from the alumina industry. In this research, efforts will be made to research red mud as a low-cost potential adsorbent, and this material will be used for the removal of phosphate, fluoride and heavy metals etc from mine drainage and wastewater. The expected outcome of red mud will be used as a useful, economic, rapid, and reproducible absorbent in mining waste treatment and reuse, especially for the Acid Mine Drainage treatment.


Zhengdong Han is an environmental expert, with rich experience in environmental engineering. He graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology in Environmental Engineering in PRC with a Bachelor's and then obtained a Master's Degree in Environmental Management from Chinese University of Law and Political Science. He served as an Environmental Scientist in Environmental Radiation Monitoring Technical Centre of Ministry of Ecology and Environment of PRC (The Chinese National Key Environmental Radiation Monitoring Laboratory) and then worked for the Zhejiang Environmental Protection Bureau as an environmental protection officer. He has rich experience in environmental monitoring, laboratory analysis, environmental assessment, and management.


Zhengdong worked as an environmental engineer in the environmental field and laboratory monitoring and assessment of ambient environment of QINSHAN nuclear power plant , his work focusing on trace radioactive elements monitoring, analysing and environmental assessment. He then joined the research projects of "Chinese cancer village investigation" in Zhejiang Environmental Protection Bureau to assess the possible relationship between pollution and health between 2010 to 2017.


Research Training Scholarship 


Dr Mansour Edraki & Associate Professor Thomas Baumgartl