Sustainability of mining in the long-term, and the effects of closure activities in the environment

Master of Environmental Management in Mining (School of Earth and Environmental Science)

Current Projects

Environmentally closure of tailings storage informed by life cycle analysis for two major tailings types in Australia and Chile

This research aims to determine which of the tailings closure options provide the most sustainable environmental outcome for a given condition informed by life cycle assessment (LCA). The LCA includes three closure options: cap and storage, in-situ remediation, and blended waste cap which combines characteristics of the first two.

These options are applied on Copper and Lithium tailings under different environmental settings in Australia and Chile. The LCA results will provide insights regarding the variables involved and their influence.


Since 2006 he worked as project engineer and project manager at an engineering and consultancy firm in Chile.  His work profile involved providing services for environmental studies, mine closure planning and its financial guaranties, risk assessment and vulnerability analysis, and strategic planning with multi-criteria methods. He also gained experience working as an environmental hazards consultant in a UK branch of his former company for six months. 

In 2017, he received a Chilean government's scholarship to study a two-year Master of Environmental Management in Mining at The University of Queensland, Australia. Currently, he is an ambassador of UQU-Association of Postgraduate Students, representative of UQ-Chile in ReCh (Chilean Research Network), and a player of UQ Football Club.


Ignacio has been involved in engineering and environmental projects and conducting studies for public and private organisations in the mining industry in Chile. Additionally, he has also participated as a speaker at industry seminars held in Chile and abroad.


Associate Professor Glen Corder