Ecological engineering approach for bauixte residue rehabilitation: Pioneer plant establishment and it's physiological responses after being grown in amended seawater neutralized redmud

Currently completing a Masters in Environmental Management in Mining


Yarwun Project

The introduction of tolerant pioneer species is critical to further development of physicochemical and biological properties, towards the biogeochemical status of functional technosols to be compatible with diverse native plant species. However, biofavourable conditions remain to be developed and consolidated, such as the moderately alkalinity and very high levels of salinity.

The present project aims to screen a range of native and exotic plant species which have been reported to possess alkalinity-salinity tolerance, including halophytes and non-halophytes


Interest in ecological engineering approach applied for post-mining rehabilitation. Finished bachelor degree of science with the project called "isolation and characterization of nitrogen fixing bacteria in post-mining limestone quarry in PT Indocement, Cirebon, Indonesia" and published the research in International conference.

Honored as the best undergraduate student of Bogor Agricultural University in 2016. Honored as gold medalist of Science Olympiad by the Indonesian ministry of higher education 2015.


Mashudi worked for nearly one year in a well-known Indonesian scientific journal: Hayati Journal of Bioscence, as an Intern for 3 months in PT Perkebunan Tjengkeh Indonesia.


Rio Tinto


Associate Professor Longbin Huang