Using Laboratory Experiments, Meso-Scale Experiments and Modelling to Investigate Scaling-up of Leaching Parameters for Coal Mine Spoils

Salt crusting and its impact on water flow

Coal Mine Spoils (CMS) are currently one of the major environmental management problem faced by the coal industry around the world. Salt-related problems are one of the major factors contributing to the CMS's environmental damage.

The research aims at conducting laboratory experiments and meso-scale field experiments on different types of coal spoil samples. The focus is to understand the spoil chemistry in context with the salinity and heavy metals with the help of mesocosm leach experiments.


Karan Jain holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the Gujarat technological University in India. (2012-2016) and a Master's of Science degree in Environmental Pollution Control from the Pennsylvania State University in the USA.

Karan is a recipient of the Graduate Assistantship Award from the Pennsylvania State University. (2016-2018). The Master’s thesis was based on the “Effects of Alternative Road Salts on Soil Leachate Quality”.

Karan has had internship experiences in civil and environmental engineering industries both in USA and India.


UQ Research Training Scholarship


Dr Mansour Edraki & Professor Neil McIntyre