Dr Angus Morrison's primary interests are mineral processing equipment design and optimisation through computational modelling, laboratory-based experiment and full-scale plant surveys.

Angus's particular interest is in the behaviour of granular and multiphase flows, and how these behaviours relate to the performance of mineral separation and materials handling equipment. In order to validate computational models and correlate flow behaviour with equipment performance, he has applied a range of experimental techniques to the study of mineral processing equipment. These techniques include positron emission particle tracking (PEPT), biplanar x-ray imaging (BXI), electrical resistance and capacitance tomography (ERT/ECT), and image analysis.

Angus is continually looking for opportunities to apply computational modelling and flow imaging techniques to the study of industrial mineral processing equipment, and to collaborate with researchers with similar interests.


After completing an undergraduate degree in physics at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in 2008, Angus joined the comminution research group in UCT's Centre for Minerals Research (CMR). He left the CMR in 2012 to begin a PhD in froth flotation equipment design in the Rio Tinto Centre for Advanced Mineral Recovery at Imperial College London. 

After completing his PhD, Angus worked on a large, EU-funded, multinational project whose aim was the development of a reconfigurable, modular mineral processing circuit for the exploitation of small-scale, high-grade deposits of critical raw materials in Europe. He joined the Separation Group at the JKMRC in 2018.

Industry Engagement

Angus has more than a decade's experience in mineral processing research. He has worked on industrial projects in Africa, Australia, Europe and South America on behalf of junior and major miners as well as equipment manufacturers and technical consultants. He has worked on antimony, coal, copper, platinum, and zinc flotation; lead and titanium pre-concentration by gravity separation; iron ore and coal pelletisation, and the comminution of gold and platinum ores. His industrial projects have included green- and brownfield process design, optimisation and expansion of existing processing plants, and waste and secondary product treatment. Angus continues to actively engage with industry to ensure that his research remains relevant and impactful.


Angus has collaborated with a number of universities, research institutes and government entities in Australia, Canada, Europe (Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Turkey and the United Kingdom), India, South Africa and South America (Brazil and Chile). He is always eager for further opportunities to collaborate both domestically and abroad.